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This is a selection of development projects Vindby Engineering has solved over time. We consistently refrain from mentioning the names of our customers if they do not wish to act as a reference, the confidence we will respect fully.






Mechanical development of magnets for high performance particle accelerators

  • Inductor, casting and winding tool
  • Power supplies mechanical development - production base
  • Production of precision blanks for internal measuring equipment
  • Process furnace for bake-out of Vaccum tube
  • 3D instructions and animations
  • Magnet Support
  • Machine layout
  • Building layout

LEM Danfysik ACP:

  • Mechanical development of precision transducers
  • Fine mechanical winding tool - development and production
  • Power Supplies - mechanical development and production base
  • Documentation of the transducer

Kolibri Fitness:

  • Spinning bike - concept design and development
  • Spinning bike - production base to manufacture abroad


  • Household Wind Turbine - Development of Denmark's first type-approved household wind turbine
  • Lattice towers, controls and other auxiliary - development and manufacturing
  • Manuals, instructions and guidelines
  • 3D instructions and animations
  • Design and development of renewable energy
  • Building layout



  • Laboratory equipment design Laf-benches "family" design, development and production base
  • Presentation layout

Other projects:

  • Concealed cabling solutions for office and conference room design, development and manufacturing
  • Standard solutions, design, development and manufacturing
  • Industrial washing and handling systems for returnable packaging - rationalization and production base
  • Development of intelligent 3D models
  • Machine layout
  • Follow die tools development of "high speed" tools with advanced lifting and shapes
  • Tool Design and Construction
  • Design / manufacture of robotic gripping tool for the pharmaceutical
  • Turning Tools for mounting and rotation of 24 ton magnet.
  • Series of cutting tool unit for industrial tank cleaning - production base
  • Centrifuge unit for sludge treatment - concept design and development, layout
  • Machine layout
  • Pipe layout


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