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Turbine - Vindy V1A

This 1 kW wind turbine is particularly suitable for the Nordic climate, the simple rugged construction ensure long life with minimal maintenance. The windmill is an approved wind turbine which may be lawfully erected in Denmark.


The turbine is delivered connected to the grid, with battery bank and heating cartridge or for recharging the batteries.


Furthermore the turbine is delivered with either 9m or 6m lattice mast, or with loose 2m mast to be installed in existing mast. The mast is designed for easy installation, mounting and maintenance.


Installation can be done by Vindby which cooperates with electricians nationwide. The electricians Vindby work with, have all the extensive experience and knowledge of mounting and installation of small wind turbines.


Vindby can also apply for entries to the power company, but it is also possible for the customer to take care of a full or partial installation of the plant.


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Energistapproved wind terbinesyrelsens liste iver typegodkente vindmøller

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You can choose to install your wind turbine yourself, get your craftsman to it, or let our team of specially trained wind turbine technicians do the work.


Let us handle the installation, and we will ensure:

•That the wind turbine is installed on the day we agree.

•The wind turbine is installed correctly.

•The wind turbine is fully functional when we leave.

•That you get no financial surprises - we install the turbine at a fixed price.


At Vindby we have specialized in individual and exciting wind turbine solutions, whether the mill should be freestanding or integrated into the building.


Before installation of wind turbine can be started, it is important to note the following:

•That the foundation must be completely hardened before the mast is raised, typically 2-3 weeks after casting.

•That the foundation is in accordance with previously submitted foundation drawings.

Choosing the right wind turbine and the optimal placement is a process that requires thoughtfulness, which in most cases requires expert assistance. In the startup phase, there are a number of considerations that must be done before the final choice.


Step by step we will help to find the optimal solution. Consultants and talented staff throughout the process will help you through your wind project and ensure that you receive appropriate advice about the project.

Useful information before setting up wind turbines

Setting up wind turbines always require a building permit.

Mills under 1m2 (rotor max 1.13 meters) may be installed without approval from the Secretariat of the wind turbine approvals. Turbines between 1 and 5m2 (rotor max 2.52 meters) may be authorized by the transmission of CE marking attached to the risk analysis to the Secretariat for Wind Approvals. Mills between 5 and 40 m2 requires approval.


The above requirements do not apply to wind turbines:

•Mounted on the sea and ships.

•Used for educational use, test or demo station at specially demarcated areas designated for the purpose.

•Designed and built by the owner for his own use in specifically defined areas.

•Without electricity provides only mechanical energy for water pumping, heating and. Eq.

On the basis of a case can be regarded as safe, including, for example certain types of resistance wind turbines. If the turbine is connected to the public electricity grid via an inverter, must be ensured that the inverter is programmed to fulfill the Danish requirements.


The connection requires notification to the network responsible company.

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