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IVT Heating Pumps


The heat pump is a facility that uses renewable energy.


The heat pump converts the solar energy stored in the upper strata or in the outdoor air to warm up at a temperature level that can be used for space and water heating.


In Denmark there are installed over 30,000 small heat pump systems used mainly for heating buildings and / or potable water. Heat pumps are also used for heat recovery from ventilation air in stables and various industrial processes.


The size of the pumps varies from small domestic water heat pumps with heat output of about 1 kW to large installations of several thousand kW. The solar energy stored in the soil and air has a temperature level that only to a limited extent can be used for space and water heating.


By using a heat pump, one can transform this energy to a higher temperature level. Most heat pumps are today operated by electricity.


In the longer term, however, wind power, solar cells and various other forms of energy will be interesting as drive energy. Depending on the heat source as well as heat emitter temperature levels of a heat pump can deliver 2.5 to 4 times as much heat to the house's heating system, as the added amount of drive energy.


The heat pump is in principle built like a refrigerator, where you just use the hot side and pay for transport / drive energy. The heat for the heat pump system retrieved from the environment at a low temperature and released to the heat pump refrigerant in the evaporator.

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