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Vindby’s vision project

”Our vision is to create a project, which can demonstrate how effective sustainable energy sources can be – both for the environment as well as for the business”

Our new buildings in Helsingør will be the foundation for this project. The goal is to create a 100% emission free business. All power will be produced from sustainable energy sources.

We hope to inspire

In Vindby we are proud of our solutions, and this project is a way of showing how effectively alternative energy sources can be, if they are put together. It is also a good example of, how these types of energy sources can be customized for individual needs and demands. With this project we hope to inspire to a more serious attitude towards sustainable energy sources, and how effectively they are – also for your business.

The project consist of:

  ● 3 solar systems
  ● A solar carport
  ● A solar bicycleshed
  ● A wind turbine
  ● A heat pump

Together these sources will produce our whole energy consumption. With the different types of sources we insure that our power production will be constant all year. Creative solution like the solar carport and the solar bicycleshed gives a discrete, but still, an effective way of using the environments potential. The power produced will be stored in a battery, so that no power goes to waste.

LED lighting

With a special designed LED lighting, the whole area will be covered by energy friendly light sources. These LED light is customized for the building and the surroundings, so the consumption of power is kept to a minimum.

Keeping track of the devices

The newest technology of measurement is used to keep track of the devices. This will insure that the sources are constantly delivering the maximum of their potential.

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